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Real-time  GPs Satellite Vehicle Surveillance
From our data center we can now watch a vehicle's  path, live, using our real time GPS vehicle tracking device. This real  time GPs global positioning system allows us to view a map via PC that  will display where a vehicle is at all times! The longitude, latitude,  Unit ID and other GPs information is transmitted via a CDMA cellular modem  to our control center for display on a regional map. You'll  never have to wonder about your employees, spouse or teenager again. No  need to install anything inside of vehicle. This package completely attaches  to exterior of vehicle

 This unit  consists of a GPs Receiver and Cellular Modem which is fastened to the target. A GPs "Puck" antenna attaches with a magnet to the underside of  the bumper cover and a miniature magnet mount cellular antenna fastens  to the frame. Power is supplied by a direct connect to vehicle power or  by a field replaceable battery pack which will power the system for approximately  5 days. The location of the target is displayed on  a digital map of your area showing movement as it occurs.

The use of this unit requires additional charges added to any investigation.

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