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Vehicle Tracking  is increasingly becoming an integral part of running an efficient investigation, Our logger is a covert GPS vehicle tracking device used  for monitoring the travel activities of company, fleet and private vehicles, and as an aid in surveillance.

Covert Global  Positioning vehicle tracking systems have a proven record of aiding our agents in many hard or high profile cases.

This unit uses an internal motion detector to shut off the unit if the vehicle is  vibration free for 5 minutes. This allows the unit to operate long periods  of time on a small battery supply.

It can record  location data every 10, 20, 30, and 60 seconds when the vehicle is moving.  If you select 10 seconds or 20 seconds the tracking detail will be very good.

The Activity Reports, lists every stop over a set number of minutes (you  select) and provides a detailed mileage log. When looking for suspicious activities, the Activity Report  is a good indicator of when and for how long these activities took place.

APPLICATIONS: Security Services, Personal Vehicle Logging, Husband/Wife infadelity, High Profile Private Investigation, Fleet Tracking, Critical Cargoes.

The use of this unit requires additional charges added to any investigation.

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