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A Plus has a agency branch serving the New York City real estate community. They are experienced private investigators that use procedures unique to the landlord, tenant market . Our goal to flush out a tenant is not in compliance with his or her lease obligations. We provide definitive proof of the same through the gathering of videotape and/or documentary evidence.

A Plus investigates and gathers documentary evidence in order to determine, for example, if any tenant is living in his or her rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment. Moreover, and in many cases, we can also supply you with name(s) of the individuals who are actually residing at the regulated apartment in place and instead of the tenant of record. Often we discover an alternate address for the tenant of record. We use the most advanced technology in our investigation, but we are also willing and able to utilize the traditional methods of private investigators:

  • monitoring activity
  • interviewing witnesses
  • making phone calls
  • taking photographs

Whatever a particular case requires, we have the expertise to find and gather information in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Because of our extensive experience we have also developed procedures that expertly build a case on which to base subsequent legal actions. There isn't another private investigation agency in the New York City metropolitan area that can match our experience in landlord-tenant investigation.

Our Services

Realtime Data Collection Report is provided containing information gathered from public record research:

  • Historical address information
  • Published/listed telephone numbers
  • Motor vehicle ownership, registrations and driving records
  • Real property ownership
  • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Corporations and limited partnerships
  • UCC filings
  • US Coast Guard water craft registrations
  • FAA aircraft registrations & airmen directories

A Starter Investigation includes the above plus the following:

  • 2 Site visits to the subject premises and 2 Visits to possible alternate addresses
  • Non Published/unlisted telephone numbers
  • Non Published/unlisted Cellular phone numbers
  • Voter registration and voting history research
  • USPS delivery confirmation research
  • Tenant files review and analysis, including rent receipts.

A Full Investigation includes all of the above plus the installation of a covert surveillance system in a public area of the building in which the apartment is located in order to monitor who is entering and leaving a particular apartment.

If you suspect your tenants aren't really living in their rent-regulated apartments, We'll help you find out where they really live and help you identify who is actually living in their apartments. We will even tailor make any investigation to fit your needs or budget

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